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Shop our Winter Sale now get an EXTRA 5% off with discount code: SUM5
Choosing the best baby cot mattress online for your child

Choosing the best baby cot mattress online for your child

Are you looking to buy a baby mattress? Babies spend the majority of their first few months sleeping so it is important to choose the best baby mattress. Shopping for a safe and comfortable baby cot mattress can seem like a daunting task with all of the choices out there. Before you start visiting stores or searching online, here are some tips for choosing the best baby cot mattress online for your child and some suggestions to help you make your choice.

Here are our top tips for choosing the best baby mattress

Buy the cot, before you buy the cot mattress

Baby mattresses come in all different sizes and it is important that you purchase the correct size cot mattress for your baby’s cot. It is easier to match a baby mattress once you have your baby’s cot and know the cot dimensions. If you buy your baby mattress first, you may be restricted in choice when selecting your baby’s cot.

Choose a firm cot mattress that is made for babies

The best baby mattress is one which is firm and flat in order for your baby to sleep safely. If the cot mattress is too soft and your baby rolls over onto his or her face, it increases the risk of a fatal accident. Not all baby mattresses are safe, so it is important that you buy a baby mattress which has been certified for baby safety.

Make sure the size of your baby mattress is correct

Having the right size mattress is extremely important for your baby’s safety. If there is too much of a gap at the sides of the cot mattress it can be dangerous and increase the risk of SIDS. You want your baby mattress to fit snug within your baby’s cot.

Just because you find a baby mattress on the shelves, or on a website online, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe. At Buy Online, we specialise in selling high quality, certified baby cot mattresses online and have a wide range of different mattresses online to choose from

Buy a water proof baby mattress protector

One of the most important things you can do for your baby mattress is buy a mattress protector. Babies leak, they vomit, and there are those mid night nappy explosions. While mattresses are made to handle a certain amount of fluids and mess, a mattress protector will ensure that your baby mattress is kept in good condition.

Buy Baby Mattress Online

At Buy Online we have a range of high quality and safe cot mattresses in different sizes to match your baby’s cot. Designed especially for babies, our cot mattresses are the perfect solution. Browse our website and you can find different types of baby mattresses including Inner Spring Baby Mattresses, Deluxe Inner Spring Baby Mattresses, Natural Latex Baby Mattresses, Organic Baby Mattresses and more. Save money by buying your baby cot mattress online at Buy Online. Give your baby a better night sleep on a safe and comfortable baby mattress.


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