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How to Choose a Car Seat for your Child

How to Choose a Car Seat for your Child

Tips for Choosing a Car Seat for your Child

With the large amount of car seat options available on the market it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing a car seat for your child. Families have different needs while one car seat may be perfect for one family, it may not be for another.

So what is the perfect car seat?

The perfect car seat is a car seat that fits your child, a car seat that fits your car, and a car seat that fits your lifestyle. But how do you find one that fits all three? Here is some information on how you can choose your perfect car seat:

What types of car seats are available?

Many car seats are suitable from birth however the time they can stay in it varies. This usually depends on the height and weight of your child, so it is important to check this information before making a purchase.

Baby Capsule / Infant Carrier

You can purchase a baby capsule or infant carrier from birth rear facing, however babies can only usually stay in those until around 6 months. You will then need to buy another car seat afterwards.

The advantage with a baby capsule though, is that it is easily transported in and out of the car simply by clicking it in and out of the base. You are able to use your baby capsule as part of a travel system on your pram, which is great for if your baby falls asleep in the car as you can easily transfer him into the pram without waking him up. In a car seat you would need to take your baby out to then place him in the pram.

This is a convenient option, but also a personal choice.

Convertible Car Seat

A convertible car seat is one which can be used from birth until either around four or even eight years old, depending on the car seat. They usually start rear facing and are able to then be turned around as your child gets older.

A convertible car seat does not have a handle and cannot be used as a travel system. Therefore these car seats should remain in your car after they have been installed for maximum safety.

If you are using a baby capsule or infant carrier, you may select a car seat which can be used from 6mths onwards in a forward position. Some of these car seats are able to be used until four years old, and some until around eight years old depending on the car seat, and the size of your child.

What about multiple children?

With a convertible car seat, there are options for slim line car seats if you have a small car, or if you have multiple children in car seats. When purchasing a car seat look for the slim options. Some car seats are designed so that you can even fit 3 children in car seats in the back of your car.

Booster Seat

A booster seat is not suitable for a new born. Booster seats are used for when your child grows out of their car seat, usually around four years old. These are forward facing seats and can either be used with a harness or a lap sash depending on the model.

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