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Shop our Winter Sale now get an EXTRA 5% off with discount code: SUM5

Spinal Support Organic Fibre Foam Mattress SET For Cocoon Nest Cot, Lolli Sprout & Kaylula Sova Cot

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Spinal Support Fibre Foam Organic Bassinet & Cot Mattress Set

Suitable for Cocoon Nest Cot & Kaylula Sova Cots

The Spinal Support handcrafted Australian-made Fibre Foam Organic Mattress is a specialized mattress that suits specialized-shaped cots and bassinets and is an excellent organic choice for your newborn baby through to toddler years.

The fibre foam core can be manufactured in any shape and design.  Spinal support offers many options to suit various specialty cot brands.  The 100% Organic cotton cover provides superior comfort and excellent breathability throughout the mattress surface. 


  • Organic Cotton open weave cover and sidewalls allow for maximum allergy-free air flow through the mattress core, reducing risk and moisture damaging your baby’s cot mattress, leaving it mould and mildew and hygienic.
  • Fibre Foam Core technology provides the correct level of firmness without compromising comfort from newborn to 5 years.
  • Handcrafted Australian-made mattress.
  • Turn the mattress regularly for maximum life.

Mattress Maintenance 

  • Always protect your mattress cover with a waterproof protector. 
  • Failure to properly remove moisture/spills, which lead to mould/mildew, will void after-sales service commitments. 
  • Rotate your mattress 180 & 360 degrees regularly.
  • It is usual for the spring system to show signs of contouring to your child’s body & sleep behaviours.
  • If your cot base is not labelled as passing the Australian/New Zealand Standard and doesn’t display the required mattress size on the base, do not use the cot.
  • All Spinal Support mattresses we stock pass and exceed industry firmness test requirements.  

    Item includes:
    1 x Bassinet Size: 11 cm H x 70 cm W x 70 cm D
    1 x Cot Size: 11 cm H x 125 cm W x 70 cm D